Travis Bryant

Travis Bryant is an artist from Montreal, Quebec, Canada. He has also gone by the artist names Furious and Tre Styles. He's been rapping most his life and worked with legends in the game. Before WGG, he was signed with Havikk The Rhime Son's label 1 Hood Entertainment and he spent about 2 years there. After his departure, Loc Da Smoke asked him if he was down to represent WGG and he was brought in as the first member of WGG Canada. He has also been featured on projects like Bad Habit Presents: Dogghabit Tha Mixtape, 1Hood Da Album and the 2pac: 20 Years Gone Mixtape on the War Gamez Remix, along with Loc Da Smoke. He released his 2 first singles "No Damn Good" & "Hallelujah" with WGG Digital Entertainment. He has now moved on to run his own label, No Damn Good Entertainment and remains a member of the Wize Guyz Global movement. 

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Spotify Link to single "No Damn Good" feat. Jungle & Young Soul