Zplit Perzonality was born 1982 in the North Side of the city of Lund in Sweden. He first started writing when he was 12 back 1995 at a institution for troublesome children, as to way to be able to vent and it became like therapy for him. He spent 5 years back and fourth in different institutions and later in his 20's, Zplit Perzonality ended up in prison twice. All this time he had the music in his mind and it kept him going. He later lost his mother from cancer, but before she passed, she told him “never give up your music”. He's a spiritual man but at the same time, going through life like that, some things never change.


He's put out some music through Soundcloud and done shows across Southern Sweden. Now that he's linked up with Wize Guyz Global Sweden, he finally released his first retail single "Don't Give Up" feat. Mr.Loco AKA Loc Da Smoke as well as a few more singles, he's  been featured on multiple new projects and he's also working on his debut solo album! Stay tuned because there's a lot that'll be happening soon!