Nephew Michael

Nephew Michael is an artist from Lynwood, CA. His step father is Howard Scott, Co-founder and guitar player for the 60's and 70's soul group WAR and his mother sang background vocals for the original group who started out as a band for English rock star Eric Burdon as well. After living a life of gangbanging, living the fast life, getting locked up in federal prison and getting shot, he turned everything around and gave his life to God. His music tells the gritty story of his trials and tribulations, he raps and sings as well and every song you hear, you can tell he's coming from the bottom of his soul when he records his records. He released a mixtape that made it to the number 1 spot in Japan and in 2017, he signed with Wize Guyz Global Digital Ent. for the release of his Controversy album. Click on the Blog Profile tab to get redirected to his artist profile at WGG Digital Entertainment's official blog and get access to Nephew Michael's latest music, links and updates.

Check out the latest music from Nephew Michael below. 

Back On The Block (Free JDee) by Nephew Michael feat. Capuchino (SINGLE).

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Controversy (ALBUM)



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