MC Ron

MC Ron is the Co-Founder of Wize Guyz Global and is the President of WGG  Europe. He is originally from Hungary, but moved to Sweden when he was younger. He was raised by a single mother, witnessed his step-dad get murdered and grew up as a troublesome teen in the streets of Malmo, hustling and doing what he could to get by. Music became his outlet early on to get rid of the stress and things he had on his mind. In 2003 MC Ron met Mr.Loco AKA Loc Da Smoke while they were both touring southern Sweden on a tour known as the Hip Hop Panic tour. They immediately connected and started doing music together and 2 years later they founded the Wize Guyz Global movement. MC Ron has been on songs with DJ King Assassin, Kool G Rap, Hussein Fatal, Mike Mosely, Dogge Doggelito, Cognito and many more. Besides that, he also has a real unique style and spits in 3 languages, English, Hungarian and Swedish. He has also done many shows across Europe, done music videos and featured with other artists in their videos as well. In 2018, MC Ron will be dropping his first retail record with WGG Ent.