About Wize Guyz Global (The Movement).

Wize Guyz Global is a movement that was originated in 2006 by Mr. Loco AKA Loc Da Smoke (Bay Area, CA & Malmo, Sweden), MC Ron (Malmo, Sweden & Hungary), Azrael Kalashnikov (Stockholm, Sweden & Finland), DJ Ying (Compton, CA) & Slim Chill (Compton, CA). They had a goal together, to take the music industry by storm and create a new global era of ruff, rugged and raw underground reality rap. Through the years, the movement has expanded and now have members in California, Texas, Kentucky, Louisiana, New Jersey, New York, Wisconsin, Ohio, Canada, Sweden, Hungary, Australia and they are constantly expanding.


The members of Wize Guyz Global have grown very well respected and connected in the rap game and have worked with DJ King Assassin, Mopreme Shakur, Big Syke, THUG LIFE, Kastro, Quez, Outlawz, Sardar AKA Candyman 187, Tha Havenotz,  Martin Kember (formerly of Color Me Badd), 4Five DPG, Levi Seaser (of Prince and The New Power Generation), Alkohiliks, Big Fase 100, Black Wall Street, Snoop Dogg, San Quinn, JT The Bigga Figga, Tha Realest, Mike Mosley, Steady Mobbin Productions, Bad Habit, Dogg Habit Records, Havikk The Rhime Son, South Central Cartel, 1 Hood Entertainment, Who?Mag Entertainment, Cee-Rock "The Fury", Cognito, No Limit Records, MC Hammer and too many more to name.


Through the years of hard work and dedication, one could say Wize Guyz Global is quite the movement with rappers, producers, singers, models, radio DJ's and everything else you can think of in the Hip Hop and Entertainment industry. You can also follow Wize Guyz Global on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/wizeguyzglobal/

About Wize Guyz Global Ent. & WGG Digital Ent.

After Wize Guyz Global Co-Founder Mr. Loco AKA Loc Da Smoke had spent so many years going from label to label, starting with Steady Mobbin Productions (2005-2010), Who?Mag Distribution (2010-2014), Dogg Habit Records (2014-2015) and last but not least 1 Hood Entertainment (2015-2016). After the last label, Loc Da Smoke had felt he had made enough of an impact on the industry to start up his own thing and help his fellow Wize Guyz Global members and other up and coming artists who want to be heard. Seeing the industry first hand, Loc Da Smoke saw what he felt worked and what didn't work and created his own business model. Instead of signing artists to WGG Digital Entertainment, we sell the artist a distribution package which gets the artist on all the major digital retailers like Amazon, Deezer, Google Play, iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal, Pandora and over 200 other digital stores world wide. Also included in the different packages are Spotify Promotion and singles sent to Radio Stations that are affiliated with the WGG movement. Many labels will sign artists, build them a name and then shelve the record and the artist gets stranded on the label, other labels don't pay their artists and others won't even honor their contracts. With WGG Digital Entertainment you get what we tell you that you get in the package description and when your music sells, you will get the percentage advertised in the package. There are no loop holes, no false promises, no BS what so ever and if you already have an album out that you need promotion for, we have packages for that too. Wize Guyz Global Digital Entertainment is the label that gets music released.